Cheri Martell, Suamico, WI, is an award-winning Realist painter who favors the Baroque Style of the 16th and 17th Century Dutch Masters, and the Renaissance painters. She is a business / art instructor for the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, serving the Green Bay metro and Northwest regions, and she also teaches in her home based studio. Her preferred medium is oil, and her preferred support, hardboard panels. She paints a variety of subject matter which includes still life, floral, birds, and celestials (objects of our solar system), among others. She develops her compositions around that which she finds to be appealing, beautiful, and visually exciting...something that holds her attention. Her images depict a moment in as it is, rather than an idealized vision. By paying attention to intricate detail, rich color and convincing forms, she's able to accomplish plausibility. She uses meticulous painting techniques that allow her to have absolute control of the medium. Her viewers are barely conscious of her brush strokes, because she works very hard to conceal them. Mop brushes are the major tool she uses to create the illusion of 3-demensions on a flat surface. This results in the viewer giving complete attention to the subject. Her intention for each piece is to invoke some satisfaction, pleasure, or some other sort of sensual response from the viewer.